Book Review: Wild Heat by Lucy Monroe

Wild Heat by Lucy Monroe is a burning hot romance that will set readers ablaze. A perfect Alaskan romance that will keep readers coming back for more. This stunning and romantic story is about a woman returning back to her Alaskan town after fleeing from her abusive husband. But nothing prepares her for running into the man whose heart she broke all those years ago. Now, he’s hotter, more muscular, and more handsome than before. Fate is tempting them both. The hurt in her eyes causes the man to want nothing more than to crush whoever had hurt her and make her smile once more. Can she learn to trust others once more and will she be able to trust in the man who loved her before and still does?

This is a must read novel. The characters hook readers in leaving them feeling intrigued and hanging in suspense as the sparks fly everywhere between the two main characters. The heat from Lucy Monroe’s story is wild enough for all. I enjoyed reading this novel from the beginning and look forward to reading more novels in the future by this best-selling author. Overall, I rate Wild Heat a five out of five stars.

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