Book Review: His Blushing Bride by Dani Collins

His Blushing Bride by Dani Collins is a compelling and fresh new voice for the contemporary romance genre. I was hooked instantly after reading the first page. I then couldn’t put the novel down until I finished reading the entire story. Readers can definitely finish this brilliantly well written novel in one sitting. Dani Collins romance will definitely make her readers blush from reading how one young woman who is perfect but so finally gets to feel and know what other women in her town have experienced. But there is just something about the hot and sexy stranger living in her parents house for the short time his sister’s wedding will take place. He makes her cheeks turn to a crimson red within seconds and leave her feeling needy. And Sebastian feels needy every time he’s around Piper. It’s like magic leading them together. But will there relationship only be short term?

Dani Collins has a way of making her readers laugh and fall in love with this heart melting sweet romance. And her characters are charming and innocent enough to keep readers coming back for more. I enjoyed reading this spectacular novel. It was great to read about a woman my own age who has never been with a man like the way she and Sebastian are. A very interesting read with all of the aw moments that will continue to captivate readers. Overall, I would highly recommend this novel and rate His Blushing Bride a five out of five stars.

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