Book Review: How to Marry a Royal Highlander by Vanessa Kelly

How to Marry a Royal Highlander is one incredible read. Readers are treated with two fascinating romances for the price of one. Vanessa Kelly has once again placed together irresistible characters that pop off the pages and exciting plots that will heat up any night. Riveting dialogue and sweet surprises, readers will forever be lured into this these historical regency romances.

First there’s a young man, Alasdair Gilbride, runs off into the wilderness to escape his duties and arranged marriage but after ten years, returns back home to face his responsibilities. Except fate decides to intervene and bring him a distraction that he won’t forget. The earl of a Scottish earldom can’t shake the luring woman, Eden Whitney, away from his mind. She too went to run away, somewhere far away from the snobby ton and from temptation. But ten she runs into the hot and sexy, Alasdair Gilbride. But despite their own issues the two are soon caught up in a scandalous affair and danger.  And their hearts are already given to away to the other. Can these two make it unscratched?

Least but not last, there’s charming Chloe Steele, who was ruined by scandal like she was. Little did she know she was in danger. And to complicate things the one man who has been in her life for the longest comes back as a full grown and even more tempting than ever. He is back to make up for lost time and to break down the lies the held them apart. But can Chloe find it within herself to let Dominic Hunter back into her life? Tall, Dark , and Royal is a must read for all. Another brilliantly well written story that readers will enjoy for a life time. One historical novel that will keep readers turning the pages and staying up all night long. Hot, sweet, and addictive, is how Vanessa Kelly masterfully designed her novel. I loved reading this and the other story before it. I rate both of these novels a five out of five stars, and I would highly recommend to them to readers everywhere.

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