Book Review: This Thing Called Love by Miranda Liasson

This Thing Called Love by Miranda Liasson is an inspiring romantic read for all. A story told about a young woman reporter having fate intervene and shaken her world completely upside down. Olivia Marks get custody of her four weeks old niece and her former love returns giving her misgivings as what to do about her old feelings being brought back to life once again. Can Olivia resist Brad Rushford’s flirtatious ways? Olivia isn’t sure herself. She thinks Brad maybe  be flirting with her to gain custody of her niece and might possible be toying with her heart. When she finds out that Brad is interested in buying the house where they long ago spent a romantic night together and has a no strings attached girlfriend with him, Olivia doesn’t know what to think. Is fate playing evil tricks on her or is this a way of fate bringing the back together?

This Thing Called Love is absolutely sensational. I could not bring myself to put the book down until I have read every single last page. And it was beyond good. Irresistibly addictive. The plot makes readers wonder if This Thing Called Love happening between the Olivia and Brad is for real or not.  I was intrigued from the first page. A realistic tale that is easy fro readers everywhere to connect with and fall in love with the charming characters. The what ifs are so good good readers will be left guessing what if this or what if that.. and trust me, this is one what if that readers can’t miss out on reading. A beautifully and well written story that I highly recommend to all. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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