Book Review: Switch It On by J.H. Craig

Switch It On (Switch Stories Book 1)

Switch It On by J.H. Craig is an incredible erotic romance novel that readers will fall in love with and be lured deep into it’s sweet and steamy plot. J.H. Craig knows how to create realistic characters that stand out to readers. A Dom who knows her way around the business and after several bad issues with the owner decides to start own club. This story has major twists. Most Dom’s don’t have a partner until the very ending but Miss Madeline has her steady ongoing boyfriend who supports her all the way. As an artist, Jason Merrin, loves his woman and will stick by her side no matter what happens. Can Maddy make it on her own and will her and Jason still be just as tight as ever? I highly recommend readers to pick up this refreshing erotic romance to find out what happens.

Switch It On is a short novel  that demonstrates a tough Dom who has it all and despite certain situations can arise to meet the challenges. No matter how tough Maddy is on the outside she, is soft inside where it all matters. These qualities of hers make her one beautiful character to follow as the plot unfolds. I enjoyed reading the well written story by J.H. Craig and give a five out of five stars.

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