Book Review: A Different Reflection by Jane Gibson

A Different Reflection by Jane Gibson is indeed a story of how one woman views a new reflection of her life at hand and the one she had before. As a magazine writer Katharina Stewart needs a new story and when she finds a place that inspires her she will have to work hard to convince the person still living there for an interview. But as with all things, Katharina is thrusted into a interesting place that holds much more than an interesting story that can help her with her dreams. Katharina’s old life was perfect but once she sets about getting her story her relationship with her boyfriend becomes strained with the added pressure from another woman. Where will Katharina’s heart lie and where what will she give up?

Jane Gibson’s novel, A Different Reflection, is an inspirational story that shows readers how life can lead you to accomplishing your dreams and believing in thing with your heart. A sensational and intriguing read as Katharina discovers the mystery within the house that has caught her heart. She knows that no matter what choice she makes will be the one that changes her life completely. A big decision with so much to consider. Readers can relate to the choices we are forced to make in life and how difficult they can be. Sometimes its a life altering situation and sometimes not. But we never know what our actual outcomes might be until the final decision has been made. I highly enjoyed reading this beautifully well written story. I look forward to reading more by Jane Gibson as her story has me curious for more. Overall, I rate A Different Reflection a five out of five stars.

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