Modern Girl – Part 1

Modern Girl by Me

Part 1:

Life is what you make of it. I was once told by a friend. And when now here, I am at their funeral. My life has been nothing but boring and bat crazy. Anyone who meets me runs like hell. They can’t take my weird social skills or lack of them. Either way, I frighten those around me. They call me crazy for living the way I do. And now, at my one and only friend’s funeral, I was rethinking his words once spoken to me so many times. Is my life really what I made of it. I try to social amazing and acceptable but somehow I always manage to screw things up. Like the time I had my first crush. A guy I went to church with. He always talked to me or listened more so while I chatted about anything and everything at once. He made me feel like I wasn’t weird until one day out of nowhere he got mad at me. And still to this day, I have no clue as to what I did to him on the day so many years ago. Anyhow, he and I are far from being friends. And another guy, took noticed of me. I silently beamed from within. A super cute guy decided to talk to me the invisible girl! I couldn’t describe just how excited I was. Okay maybe not too excited where you know like how some people can let their excitement get the better of them where they end of peeing in their pants. Yep, not me. But still, I was excited. I could have jumped up and down. And knowing me, I probably blushed a lot. Some of my college guys I know would say I bush too easily. But thinking about I am not sure if I still do or not. And NO! I don’t want anyone testing me to find if I still do or not. So, it’s probably a good thing these certain people can see this. Or else all trouble begins. Ooops! Too late! Trouble has just started. So, I guess I do make my life that way it is, and now I am going to change it. Or die trying. 

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