What Does Being an Author Mean to You?

Being an author means the world to me. I can take my readers and transport them into whole new worlds that are magical or where they get an inside view of what’s like to be someone else whose life is much harder or more complicated than our own. As readers, you think the fictional character has it all. But if we really focus ourselves within the story and in their shoes readers’ eyes will be opened up to seeing the real point of the story which was to direct their attention to what is really going on. Not the romance, but those who struggle to become who they are and to get where they are now.

So, being an author is a powerful tool that many never think about. Most writers think about the creating the story and the dynamics in luring the readers in, which is not a bad thing. But in the end, what does our story say about us, writers? Did we convey the right message that we wanted to present to the world of just along with the flow and sell what seems to be popular and not what we really want to put out there.

As an author it’s hard to really put yourself into your book without saying too much. The writer’s goal is to show not tell. And authors such as myself have the biggest issue in telling than showing our readers what we really want them to see. We want them to visualize our scenes like a movie happening right before their eyes. To sense the environment in which we create with the use of our words. Are our words actually conveying our scenes properly? How many readers have actually sensed everything that our character go through in our stories. Not literally but I mean can they almost see our character at the places we describe and doing what we wrote for them to do?

Being an author should mean that us writers want to convey our stories properly that we want to take our readers to places they haven’t been and would love to return to whenever they open up our books. Readers should have a sense of who our characters are and what messages we place into our books. Every book hold a treasure in which the reader gains when reading our stories.

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