Modern Girl – Part 2

Modern Girl

Part 2

Everyone is probably wondering how I had come to only one friend.  Well, Charlie and I grew up together. His family lived right next door to me. I think he took pity on the little girl who was too quiet, then got scared when the same little girl was throwing her tantrums. Yeah, I was one of those kind of kids back then. Good one moment and then a pan in the arse the next. But, as I got older I was more quiet than ever. I would be the girl to watch others laughing and having fun and Charlie would be the one to try and make me participate. But I was too scared to join. I always refused. And now, I wanted something more. I want to participate in everything. But now being the age of 26,  was it too late for me?

“Addy, Addy, Addy, what’s the like of you showing up to Charlie’s funeral? Oh wait, thats right he was the only one brave enough or should I say crazy enough to talk to you.” Laughing her and her girls ticked me off for the last time. Mayebelle may always have the perfect looks but inside was the devil’s advocate. I stepped up to her and sweetly smiling asked, “Mayebelle, your makeup looks amazing on you.”

Surprised to hear a compliment from me after she rudely made fun of not only me but Charlie and at his funeral where respect was due. I wasn’t going to step back. So, I swung with all my might at the bitch’s face. “Now, you can use your makeup skills to hide the bruise that’s going to show up. And with a bounce in my step, I tried my best as swish-shaying my butt. Did it work? I will never know, but the look on her face after I it her was perfect. I decided then and there I was going to make my life the way I wanted it. No more quietly watching it past me. So, my next stop was to land myself a job.

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