Book Review: Ghost Image by Ellen Crosby

Ghost Image by Ellen Crosby is a dynamic thriller that will have readers coming back for the next incredible book in this intensifying series. A freelance photojournalist who is friends with a a Franciscan Friar is set out on her most dangerous task of all. Right before her friend, Brother Kevin Boyle, is found dead he shares with her details that someone is after him for something he stumbled upon. After his death, Sofina Medina takes on the task to find out what he found and race against his killer. With a botanic discovery worth millions and a dangerous web of politicians, diplomats, and European royalty, Sofina has her hands full. Can she find out who killed Kevin and why before it’s too late?

Ellen Crosby has masterfully woven history, politics, and international issues inside one fascinating novel. Ghost Image is a must read for all. Intrigue and suspense at every corner, readers will love this fast-paced action thriller mystery. The realistic inside scope into the a royal family and the hunt of finding a international treasure is definitely worth reading. Ellen Crosby has beautifully put together a dangerous and addictive read together that readers won’t forget. For those who loved Titanic, this is for you! The character Sofina is one that all readers can easily relate too and fall in love with as she travels trying to piece together the murder of her friend. Overall, I highly recommend Ghost Image to readers everywhere and rate it a five out of five stars.

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