Book Review: Dark Deeds by Alice Sabo

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Dark Deeds by Alice Sabo is indeed a novel full of dark happenings that involve one person each time, Asher, a man who has changed his ways and staying away from alcohol and drugs. Asher isn’t sure if he just has the worst luck of all or if someone is really trying their best to kill him off. Asher is currently working on doing a new movie that may make him a big star. But things like two car crashes, a rock slide, and fire explosions is causing an un easy settling in the pit of his stomach. His dresser, makeup artist and his wife are worried about him and his current injuries. Will Asher make it through the movie set alive or will someone make sure that he doesn’t?

Alice Sabo has written an intriguing and suspenseful story that readers will never want to stop reading. A real page turner. Dark Deeds will keep readers hooked from the first page and keep them lured in as the tragic accidents keep happening. As a reader, I was instantly lured in by Asher, a character who obviously had some major flaws in the beginning and is working his hardest to overcome those flaws by the people around him especially his wife. I loved how the character overcame these flaws but still carried some with him as the plot unfolded. Asher is definitely one character that readers will be interested for a long time to come. Overall, I rate Dark Deeds a five out of five stars and highly recommend reading it.

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