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The life is just buzzing here at Universal Creativity Inc. We are in the process of beta reading a wonderful romance novel called, An Unfortunate Journey.

The June 2015 Issue is being placed together as we speak. Gathering all the book reviews, author interviews, new literary agents listing, as well as the free short short stories for our readers to enjoy. I have received the author interview of a best-selling author, Jacob Appel. His interview is positively amazing. I have no doubts that everyone will love reading his interview and all of his brilliant works as well.

I was very fortunate to have had Jacob Appel send me one of his novels to review. It was called The Wedding Wipeout. This novel is very funny, well written, and the characters are just out of this world. The mystery/ humor/ comedy novel will definitely get your attention have you falling in love with this writer’s incredible unique writing style. Each of his books, he has put a little of himself into it. And once you read several of his works you will learn how and in what ways. The Wedding Wipeout is a five out of five stars novel and can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

His other novels such as Phoning Home, is a collection of essays that will definitely be read and re-read by readers everywhere. This is the one book by this talented author who pour a lot of himself and his family into his writing. I would to share more with you, but I know you will want to read it yourself. Trust me his novels and books are a must read.

There are three reviews that Universal Creativity Inc. is doing to submit to the San Francisco Book Review that are due on June 13th. We are also working on three reviews for AAMBC, which we will be featuring inside the June 2015 Issue. Two reviews for Reader’s Favorite are also being written.

As for new short stories to read, Love that Burns Part 2, will be coming out next week. Lucy Mitchell’s famous Enid story will be featured in June 2015 Issue. It will be the last and final installment for the most popular fiction piece that we have featured so far. So, you will have to sign up for your free copy in an exchange for a review and or rating on Amazon and Goodreads or buy the issue on Amazon to find out what happens in this exciting series.

Modern Girl Part 3 will also be featured next week. A sneak peek of Beautifully Flawed will also be featured next week in June 2015 Issue.

Nancy Thayer has recently accepted to do an author interview for Universal Creativity Inc. as well as letting us feature a book review or her novel called, The Guest Cottage.

Author interview has been sent to best-selling author and award winning journalist, Bruce Henderson.

Also, Laura Griffin will be doing an interview for us as well as letting us review one of her novels.

Author Interviews for Grant Boshoff, Marie Force, and Kevin 11 are currently in the works of being sent out soon. Grant Boshoff’s debut novel, The Copy, will be featured in our magazine issue as well as Kevin 11’s new debut novel which is book 2 of his trilogy series. His latest novel is called, Frankly Twisted (The Lost Files).

Universal Creativity Inc. has a beta reading program and a reader’s reward program as well. Be sure to email us at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com for the details on how to enter the programs, if you missed our previous announcements.

Until next time, Happy Reading Everyone! 🙂

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