Modern Girl Chapter 3

        Modern Girl                                                                       

                                                                               Chapter 3

Landing one’s first job is harder than you think. I went through my small town’s newspaper and there was absolutely nothing available for me that involved my talents. Mostly drivers and nurses wanted. Anyone who has been inside the car or truck with me knows my driving skills suck. And that’s just being nice. In the truck, I feel like I’m up on some tall pedestal that I have no idea to how to get off from. It makes me feel like a green been inside an enormous cave. I tend to go 10 miles an hour in a truck. As for driving my grandpa’s car. I can go up to 30 miles and be okay. But then again, the speed limit anywhere in town is usually 40-45 miles per hour and only 30 miles in one area. The school zones of course are set to 25 mph. Feeling hopeless in the job hunt, I turn to my computer for better results. Instantly, I am rewarded with many jobs in my skills area but none are here in my town. Damn it! Oops! I am not supposed to swear at all. It’s a sin. Yep, now you know I’m a terrible sinner. Prayer is key to being a better person and then we must act out on our ability to help others without asking for anything in return. Knowing me, there’s always something I am praying about. Like my ability to not screw things up further than what I always do.

I am always saying things when I shouldn’t and then not saying anything when I should. Yep, I am one strange chick alright. And here I am a city girl who is completely jobless and without a hot guy taking me out everywhere. Maybe it’s high time I try to “fit in” with the southern girls. Because obviously they know how to lure the men in and not just to their heart either. Well, if I am going to be jobless, I rather do an internship to build up my job experience for when I’m ready. Aha! Here it is, a job as romance content writer. Pay is if-y. GREAT! Some prior experience needed. Hmm..I have some from writing my blog and my own books. Clicking the apply button, I quickly type a message and hit send. Fingers crossed.

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