Modern Girl Chapter 4

Modern Girl                                                                                       

                                                                              Chapter 4


Okay so, I am not exactly jobless nor working yet. More like in between. So I didn’t care what anyone else thought. Only kept thinking about my friend’s words to me and that was enough to keep me motivated.


There goes the house phone again! Picking it up, I decided I will play nice until the caller made him or herself known. Calls these days were mostly advertisers and I didn’t have the patience to listen to them and waste my time. It was a shame I didn’t have caller ID.

“Hello, who is this that is calling please?” I sweetly asked like any woman my age would.

“Hey loser, just calling to ..”

SLAM! Like hell I was going to talk to that bitch from my friend’s funeral. No one has to put up with the kind of talk. Loser? Maybe she should look in her mirror once awhile to see that only loser is herself.


It was like the phone wanted to taunt me into exploding with an anger that I have not yet shown to anyone. Staring at it, I waited hoping it would stop ringing eventually.

And it did eventually after another 6 rings. That should show her how much I think of her and her ugly ways. You don’t go around calling people losers. You just never know who you will end up working for or at least that’s how the saying goes.

Maybe, if people were just a bit nicer the world wouldn’t be as bad. But then again, maybe it would be a dull world if everyone followed every single rule to the t.

Deciding to get out of the house, I left a note to my grandparents letting them know where I was going and when I should be back. It could possibly be the last time they ever hear from me again. Like I said, I have the worst luck ever.

Going out the door and locking it, I decided to walk the five blocks to the grocery store. The weather was nice. Sunny, but breezy. I had to buy milk, and something to make for dinner. As I was re-reading my shopping list, I crossed the walkway. Hardly any cars where around, so I decided it was safe. Just as I cross, the pathway, a car out of nowhere comes straight at me. It was like deja vu. I was in this position once before except it wasn’t my fault. I was 6 years old living in Florida. Getting off the bus, I had to cross the busy highway to make it over to my mother on the other side. However, a car came speeding up at me and all I could do was stand there waiting for the impact. It felt like an eternity and then the feeling of being picked up and taken over to the other side. To this day, I don’t who picked me up and carried me. I just somehow made it safely to the other side by my mom. Weird right?

Now, 25 years-old and I am in the same position once again. Except there was no one here to save me. And I was once again glued to my spot. The driver took a swerve at the last minute and drove into a business. Yep. I was not the luckiest one. I don’t know if I just have bad luck or if I am the bad luck charm.

Hm..bad luck charm. Maybe I can use that to my social status? LOL Yeah, maybe, if I was insane. But I’m not.

The driver got out of the car, and walked over to me. A tall, dark hair, brown eyes and pretty easy on the eyes. The man didn’t look too happy. Go figure.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Am I okay?”


“I guess. But maybe, I should be the one asking you that. Since, it was my fault you drove into the store.”

Biting my lip, I waited for him to take everything I said in and for the anger to burst out at me.

“No, it was my fault. The speed limit is what 45 mph here? And I was going at least 55 mph.”

“Yes.” And then realizing he may not know what I said yes to, I felt that I had to elaborate it for him. “Yes, the speed limit is 45 mph here. You need to use my cell phone for a call?”

“No, I’m sure the owner and the other shoppers are calling the police with a tow truck already. But thank you.”

Mmm hmm..any time. Damn he was hot looking. And I couldn’t make out what he was thinking when he looked at me like he was doing right this minute.

And just as I was enjoying this awkward yet nice moment with this hot stranger, my number one enemy had to show up and make her presence known to the new guy in town.

“Hi, it was your car that hit the store?” She asked like she thought I did it myself.


“Well, my dad is the sheriff and I am sure we can’t get things settled faster for you if you would like that. Come on, I’ll introduce you to my dad.”

And with that she half pulled half lured him over to her dad’s car that just pulled up. The guy never stopped looking at me though. What was a girl to make of that?

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