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Readers, writers, and friends, I need your help. I am stuck in how to proceed with my new chapter (chapter 7) for my YA Paranormal novel, Shadow Lane. The first chapter is from the main female character’s point of view of the accident.

Then ch 2 tells about the trouble that started from the accident same point of view continued.

Ch 3 is about the enemy visiting our main character and also giving off there’s more danger ahead kind of vibe.

Ch 4 is the main character’s enemy dealing with her own enemy. Who is also a real danger to the main character and her best friend.

Ch 5 has the known whereabouts of her best friend and he’s being kept safe from their high school enemy as she had used him to hurt our main character out of jealously.

Ch 6 Our main character is going about finding out more about the shadows and finding out who the other shadow is that is the real cause for concern.

Ch 7I don’t know if I should use it to write A) about the other shadow and what he might be up to at the moment that could lead to a breaking point or  B) if I should have the jealous shadow try and get her past enemy to find out what she can about shadows to see what can be done about her life as a shadow and to stop the one shadow who is threatening her as well.

Any ideas? And what’s your vote version A or B?

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