Book Review: One Wish by Robyn Carr

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One Wish by Robyn Carr, is one of the best romance novels that readers will find. This one story deals with several issues such a daughter being forced to live the dream that her mother wanted but never had. Grace Dillon is a daughter of a wealthy socialite who is tough and demanding. Soon, they both lose a father and husband who was also a coach for his daughter Grace. Grace struggled with a kidnapping, stalkers, and now she is dealing with her mom’s health issue. Winnie only has so much time left to live and she wants nothing more than to apologize and be with her daughter Grace. Grace left the ice rink at age 23 and built a whole new life for herself as a flower girl. She has made great friends who help her through life as she reconnects with her mom and her new relationship with Jake. Grace dropped the bomb to him about her being pregnant but Jake is struggling with the issue if he and Grace still will be a good fit now that she has inherited a huge amount of money from her mom. Can two lives be connected despite their social differences?

Robyn Carr brings real life issues and shows that no matter what life brings us, that we can succeed and move forward if we are strong enough to embrace it. Grace started off hiding from her rich life and trying to bury herself in a quiet safe little bubble, but then fate brings her back to face her past. Readers can easily relate to this story. A brilliant and well written plot that readers will fall instantly in love with just like I did. Overall, I give One Wish a five out of five stars.

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