Book Review: Wicked Lies by Lora Leigh

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Wicked Lies by Lora Leigh is just that. One person’s wicked lies almost cost the lives of three individuals. Only of of those three still lives today. Kenni the daughter of the man who is the leader of a tightly knit clan barely survived the house fire that started towards her and her mom’s part of the house. Her mom dies within the fire and as Kenni escapes for her life, she gets shot in the shoulder. Ten years later, Kenni, now Annie, a kindergarten teacher for two years, is back home. But know one knows it’s her until her older bother Cord suspects her. He doesn’t know it”s his baby sister whom was his favorite and his constant shadow. He thought she died along with their mom. But once he finds out that she’s alive and been hiding from him all these years, the hurt and pain will open up wounds that will only leave more questions than answers. And Cord and his sister know that they must find the person behind it all and who is trying to kill her now. And just to add to all of the mixed emotions and danger, there’s Jazz. The once twenty-three year old that the seventeen year old Kenni once loved and still loves to this day. Little does she know the he too loved her just as much and hurt just as much as her older brother did when she ‘died”. Now they all must learn to put aside their feelings and hunt down the killer. Little did they know it was a family member.

Lora Leigh has masterfully written a novel that will exceed any reader’s expectations. Suspense and action at every corner as well as they undeniable heat between to old lovers. WIcked Lies shows just how powerful a tightly knit family can be and just how powerfully protective they are over their own especially when it involves a baby sister and the death of their mother. I loved reading this novel. Full of heat, fast-paced, and strong believable characters that make reading this worth it all. Readers everywhere will fall in love with Lora Leigh’s newest novel. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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