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 A young Viking Warrior is summoned to a different time period by a summoner and is washed upon a shore line to America where he meets Nora. Both Kilgore and Nora go on a journey to find a way to get him back home and out of the summoner’s evil hands. Will they be able to find a way to get Kilgore home without the summoner? Or will he be stuck in America forever?


  An online creative writing magazine that contains all of the following: Special Featured Author Interviews, Free Creative Writing Prompt, Special Featured Short Story, Art of Writing a Query, Literary Agents Seeking Submissions, New Publishing Houses, Writing Contests Inside, New Book Releases, Science Fiction Fantasy Article, and Book Reviews.


Product Details An online creative writing magazine that contains all of the following: Author Interview, Blogger Interview, Book Reviews, Free Short Stories Inside, Free excerpt from an upcoming novel, new literary agents seeking submission, New Writing Course Available Read Inside, New Book Releases, 2 Fiction Writing Prompts, 3 Publishing Houses Seeking Submissions, 3 Writing Contests, Writer’s Inc. Newspaper Seeking Writers, and much more.


Product Details An adorable black cat who loves getting into mischief. Bulgaria tries to be a good cat for his owner but, he always end up in trouble. Follow Bulgaira as he experiences Christmas. Bulgaria will leave readers laughing and crying along as he discovers new things.


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