FREE Books & Magazines Coming Soon!

FREE Books & Magazines


We are happy to announce that June 2015 Issue for Universal Creativity Inc. will be released this Monday! The best-selling author Jacob Appel be featured inside our issue and we highly recommend reading his interview! Also, we will be featuring another author, Allen Eskens, who will have his interview featured as well.

Are you ready? The last and final piece to Enid is now here! What will happen next inside this thrilling piece written by Lucy Mitchell?

Free excerpts from Modern Girl will be featured for readers to get a taste of what the latest novel by Universal Creativity Inc. is like.

Pitch Slam for the summer starting this month will include a free open submission for all genres that contain universal themes such as family sagas, love, heartbreak, etc.. Details are inside the issue, which will be released this Monday!

Need help with your writing? Inside June’s 2015 Issue there is information aboutWriting to Publish, a creative writing course to help writers navigate through the writing, editing, and publishing process. A self-paced online course with lessons and assignments sent to you via email. Acertification of completion will be given via PDF format for those who complete the entire course.

A list of new literary agents inside as well as publishers seeking new submissions. Must read the issue to find out the details.

Mark your calendar! June 2015 Issue will be released this Monday June 8th. 

 Six Incredible Reads for the price of one novel! A collection of romance stories that readers will love. From A Duke to Remember (Historical Romance), Our Story (Erotic), A Start (Contemporary), A Modern Cinderella (Contemporary), Beautifully Flawed (Paranormal), and His Slave (Paranormal).

 Two high school best friends dealing with a jealous enemy who plans to get revenge from the shadow realm. Little do they know that the one night they thought was going to be the best night ever turned out to be a nightmare that both have to live with until they can find a way to defeat the shadow. And just when they only had one enemy to deal with another appears out of nowhere causing them and their enemy danger unlike they ever imagined.

 A Modern Girl growing up in a world where things that should be so simple and easy can be so complicated and complex. Readers will laugh and cry, as the the character finds her way in society and learns to deal with love, loss, friendships, and school.

 Beautifully Flawed is about a woman who lives in a world where people struggle to fight agaisnt the Devil. Also known as a popular and most wealthy business owner who has learned to use the most advance technology to his advantage in making people obey him or be destroyed. Soon, a small town is on it’s last hope for a hero who can save them from the fate of the Devil. No one thought that their savior would be in the form a beautifully yet most dangerously flawed woman whose determination and stubbornness may help keep her alive long enough to complete her task successfully..or else she and her entire town will be wiped out with a single order from the Devil. Her task, is to make the Devil’s son believe in love. Sounds simple enough until she meets the man herself. A man who doesn’t take no  for an answer and one who is constantly falling away from life because of a disaster with love. Can she pull of her task in time or will her failure cost her everything?

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