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Reviewed By Jessyca Garcia for Readers’ Favorite

Bulgaria’s Adventures by Danielle Urban is a cute, short story about a cat named Bulgaria. Bulgaria wants to get his owner a present for Christmas. When he goes to the store he gets trapped there … will his owner come to rescue him?

First of all, coffee for Christmas? I need this cat! Not even most humans are this thoughtful. Bulgaria’s Adventures is a lovable story that teaches people sometimes it is the thought that counts. I would love to see this story written as a children’s book with illustrations. The way that Urban wrote the story makes it fun to read over and over again. The story reminds me a little of Curious George because Bulgaria always seems to be getting into mischief. Bulgaria being stuck in a store is very believable. I cannot wait to read his next adventure or to hear what he has gotten into in the past. The thing my child loved most about the story was the picture of the actual Bulgaria on the back cover. I like that there is a real face to put with the name. Bulgaria is a beautiful cat. My child loves cats so she was immediately interested in this story.

I liked Bulgaria’s Adventures and would really like to see more adventures of his. I think everyone needs a cat that is as thoughtful as Bulgaria. It is obvious that Urban really loves Bulgaria. I recommend this story to all cat and coffee lovers. For now, I am going to try to train my dog to bring me coffee.

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