images I have written a 3 page research paper the other day and received a 92% on it. Today, I have once again had to write another 3 page research paper. I have also sent out 4 invitations out to romance authors for an invite to become published with the publishing house where I work. I have sent a synopsis to my boss, two emails requesting photos for the authors marketing process, and I have sent the required information to my marketing staff. Plus, I have got up on answering all my emails as a senior publisher.

Tomorrow, I have two tests to take as well as 3 book reviews to send out to San Francisco Book Review. I have 1 book review to send in to Reader’s Favorite. And I have 3 book reviews to send into AAMBC.

Today, I have received a rating of 4 out of five stars on my first attempt at humor from an animal’s point of view. The rating has been received from Readers Favorite. I didn’t think my own work would receive such a high rating. But, I am proud to say, I did! 🙂

I will be working on getting the next volume published in Bulgaria’s Adventures.

I thank you all for your patience with me. I have been super busy with my senior publisher duties but now, I am all caught up. I will begin my book reviewing tomorrow. I have 10+ reviews to write, post, and share with you all.

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