Book Review: In the Eyes of Madness by Michael Pang


In the Eyes of Madness by Michael Pang, readers will be enchanted and taken deep into the heart of masterful plot. An engaging world of adventure, suspense, and intrigue that will captivate readers from everywhere. Michael Pang has stunningly written a masterpiece with his paranormal science fiction fantasy novel.

In the Eyes of Madness, the title perfectly fits in with the story. Declan’s mother is taken away to an institution, leaving him even more puzzled than ever when strange events start to occur. Declan gets a job to work in the same psychotic institution where his mother is being held hoping to find answers. But what he wasn’t expecting was the feeling of terror nor the danger that comes with his discovery. His discovery leads him to a world filled with such evilness that may or may not consume him and the entire institution as well. Can he get the answers he’s looking for and still make it out before it’s too late? I highly recommend reading this brilliant piece by Michael Pang. His character, Declan, is one very interesting being that holds the fate of what is to come. Overall, I rate In the Eyes of Madness a five out of five stars.

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