Book Review: The Stronghold by Coty Justus

The Stronghold: Jocasta and Alan (Birthrights Book 2)

The Stronghold by Coty Justus is a unique and refreshing voice in the paranormal romance genre. The romance itself is nothing like the usual mold of how romances go, and that is what makes this novel a must for all. Readers will be lured deeply into a romance full of surprises and new twists that leave them deep into Native American Heritage. I also enjoyed the fact that this novel can be read by adults and teens, which makes it a crossover novel. There are not many novels today that can be interesting for both adults and teens to enjoy. I loved reading and following Jocasta and Alan’s journey as the enticing plot unfolds. I would definitely recommend this book to readers everywhere. Also, readers are given hints as to what is the next book coming out.

The Stronghold is a romance about how one woman has to deal with the prison release of her father and changes her appearance carrying around a heavy burden. And then there’s Alan who has been waiting for Jocasta but will his wait be worth all the worry that comes his way? Jocasta shows up by Alan carrying a leather bag that has a burden that will affect the way things will play out. An intriguing story that also has a close knit family. Coty Justus has done it again in her second novel. She has brilliantly put together strong characters and a plot worth reading. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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