Book Review: A Thorn Among the Lilies by Michael Hiebert

A Thorn Among the Lilies by Michael Heibert is an astounding masterpiece that readers everywhere will enjoy. A woman who goes out and beyond to solve cold cases that continue to share the same patterns. Eyes sewn shut. This brilliant novel will take readers deep into a serial killer’s path where suspense and danger are more real than what Detective Leah Teal thought. After a psychic tells her that she can solve cases to prevent more deaths, Leah doesn’t believe it until cases are brought to her that lead to deadly chase after a killer. Michael Hiebert’s story will leave readers gripping their seats in fear and sweat. I enjoyed reading Detective Leah Teal goes about solving the cold cases and trying to catch the killer before it’s too late. Shivers will definitely travel down your spine as the chilling plot unfolds.A highly intensifying read that will keep you up all night long reading. I strongly recommend reading A Thorn Among the Lilies and rate it a five out of five stars.

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