10 Ways to Write a Story

10 Ways to Write a Story

1. Take any random sentence from a newspaper and expand on it.

2. Take a quote from any book.

3. Use a moment from the past and develop it.

4. Take any person, place, or thing and then list one type of action.

5. Take a current event that is happening now and plot different ways it could end.

6. Take one of your favorite characters in a book, and then pair them up with a famous celebrity.

7. Take a crime that has recently happened within your area and create a different version that involves a sleuth.

8. Take your pet’s personality and or actions of what they did an write about what they will do next.

9. Take your travel experience and turn it into something more dramatic and funny.

10. Take the loss of losing a loved one, to create a character going through the same issues. How does the character change?

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