Book Review: The Canterbury Sisters by Kim Wright

The Canterbury Sisters by Kim Wright is amazingly similar to the Canterbury Tales. A woman who made a promise to her dying mother to take her to Canterbury Cathedral is now left with fulling that same promise by taking her mom’s ashes. Along the way Che Milan forgot the promise she made until her mother’s ashes and a note reminding her to fulfil the promise. Che lost her father due to a stroke and then having to lose her mother due to cancer has put up a sad taste in her life much like the wine she has to taste for inspection. Just when Che thinks her life is lonely she finds out that her boyfriend has left her, she loses her phone which is a connection to what remains of her organized life and her tour guide falls sick. She then tours the remaining of her pilgrimage with a group of women who tell their tales just like in the Canterbury Tales. Somewhere along this beautiful pilgrimage, Che loses part of her old self and finds new meaning of life through the loss, grief, and the gift of imperfection.

The Canterbury Sisters by Kim Wright is indeed an enchanting tale that readers will forever love. A woman who learns many lessons in life while on a pilgrimage that she promised to her dying mother. This story will captivate your both your hearts and souls while bringing you closer to self-discovery of one woman’s journey through life. I enjoyed reading this brilliant yet so stunningly well written novel by Kim Wright. I definitely look forward to reading more novels by her in the future. I recommend this story to readers everywhere and rate it a five out of five stars.  A raw and promising read you won’t forget!

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