Perks of Being a Blogger

Perks of Being a Blogger


The perks of being a blogger are numerous. But, which ones really benefit us writers the most. This is a question most of us have thought of countless times. The perks that us writers want to focus on the most include the following: building up relationships with other writers, gain readership, interact with our readers, keep up with our writing, write daily, share our work globally, and make ourselves know as an author. To target our books to everyone and not just a select few.

We can do all of this from being a blogger. Also, by investing time as a blogger we can followers that can last a lifetime. And these are the followers around the world that take their precious time to read, like, comment, rate, and buy our work. So, why not become a blogger?

As a blogger writers have to write daily. This keeps our skills toned up and to give us that push and pressure we need to do our best. It allows us to have the negative and positive feedback that allows us to use to expand and grow our skills as a professional writer. We all need to write daily and to keep learning how to improve our skills. No writer is perfect.

If we were all perfect we wouldn’t need editors, proofreaders, and beta readers. Another great perk of being a blogger, is that we learn how to incorporate social media with our writing. This allows us to show off to the world what we have accomplished as writers. Our work can be shared, viewed, and read all over the globe. All we need to do is write, preview, then hit send. And poof! Our work is off for all to see. This is crucial in getting our feet wet as writers. Especially, if we are new and just starting out. Blogging also helps us gain the audience we need to grab the attention of publishers and magazines. So, therefore, perks of being a blogger is an essential way of life for us writers today.

WordPress, Weebly, and Blogger are three great blogs for writers to have. A necessary way to jump start your writing career. So, don’t wait, start today!

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