Book Review: My Deadly Prince Charming by Vidya Samson

My Deadly Prince Charming by Vidya Samson is the most fascinating novel readers will read. Vidya Samson takes readers deep into a world much like our own but with a few differences. An enchanting world where no violence or crimes exists. Everyone there is good. Until the main character Iona comes to visit her father in Idylla. A small country where hardly any foreigners are accepted into their country. But with Iona exceptions are made. She is the daughter of one Idyllan man. And that alones gives her at least a year to know her father in his world.
A brilliant plot that lures readers away from everything know is reality and makes them questions the what ifs of how one country and everyone within that one country have succeeded for so long in perfect harmony. Iona is one of three foreigners in the country. She soon discovers trouble and runs into a dark force. This dark force is not only evil but also has an undeniable attraction to Iona. Both light and dark, both are complete opposites but share some common qualities. These quirks and qualities are what make them so realistically believable. I loved reading as Iona struggles with the new concept of the people in her father’s country as well as the mystery of her mega crush. A royal prince who has a dark side and is also a foreigner. Both discover that Iona has a gift. A gift she didn’t have until coming to Idylla. Soon the two are thrusted into danger and alliances that may last longer than they think.
My Deadly Prince Charming is a must read for all. A hot sizzling romance, a new world, and an evil prince. This is the perfect read for everyone. There’s humor, romance, and intrigue. Fast-paced action and characters that are charming. I highly recommend reading this. Vidya Samson’s new novel is the best novel I have come across to read. Nothing can compare to this remarkable journey that readers are lured into. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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