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Sponsored reviews normally range from $150 & up. What do authors get from sponsored reviews? They get their work read, reviewed and published online.

Reviews by us our sponsored reviews. We post the book reviews on every social media site and give the authors our raw and honest opinions of their work.

We also feature author’s reviews and interviews in an online creative writing magazine that receives 5,000 views per issue. 

Our sponsored book reviews are FREE with the option to donate $2.00 USD.  The donation helps support us in continuing to do what we love to do. Support our authors and promote them on a global scale!

All genres are welcomed for reviewing! No book is left behind by us.

We have reviewed books by the following companies:


Avon Romance

Harper Impulse


Bethany House

Tule Publishing

Dark Roads Publishing

Henry Press

St. Martins 

Entangled LLC

Online Book Club

Amazon Publishing

We have reviewed over 300+ reviews by major publishing houses, best-selling authors, and new emerging authors. To get your book or novel reviewed by us please contact us via the form below:

We also provide beta reading services to all authors. If you are interested, please fill out the form above and if you can donate $1.00 USD to us via PayPal to: danielleurban442@yahoo.com.

Editing services are also available for $5.00 USD for shorts and $10.00 USD for longer novels/books.

Proofreading services are available for $5.00 USD for any length book/ novel.

Book covers can be made and designed for you for a one time fee of $5.00  USD. Please, fill out the form above and tell us what service(s) you require from us.

Thank you!

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