30 Days to Your Finished Novel!

30 Days to Your Finished Novel Course is outline below:

Writers need to do many things such as keep up their writing skills, tone up their skills to the next level, learn how to engage readers with their plot, and how to make their stories the ones readers won’t ever forget.

But where do writers begin? And how?

By taking classes that kept their minds sharp with fresh new ideas, assignments to keep them on track, and feedback to help them analyze what’s said and then transform their writing based on that feedback.

Students will learn how to transform a basic story idea into a full length novel. A novel that they can publish and sell anywhere books are sold.

Our 30 Days to Your Finished Novel course will teach the following:

– Take simple sentences and form them into story ideas.

Create characters to fit certain plots.

– Write scenes and sequels for a story.

– Write a creative story outline using a different point of view than the original.

– Learn what to look for when proofreading your story.

– Write powerful hooks to lure readers into your novel.

– Write intriguing cliffhangers that will leave your readers wanting to read your next book.

– Write dialogue between two or more characters.

– Write the beginning, introducing your story to readers.

– Write the middle, keeping readers in suspense.

– Write the ending, leaving readers wanting to laugh, cry, or feel good for your character and or wonder what happens next.

– Write short stories for Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal, Christian, Historical, YA, and New Adult.

– Write flash fiction in multiple genres.

– Write that synopsis!

  32 lessons total this summer for writers to learn, grow, and succeed!

The perfect way to learn everything you need at your own pace. Must have an email address, internet connection, and pay for course via PayPal to participate in this summer course. 

Completion of all summer lessons by September 1st will be eligible for a certificate of completion.

Sign up now, to begin taking your online lessons for 30 Days to Your Finished Novel, by filling out the form below and by sending $10 via PayPal to danielleurban442@yahoo.com.

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