Book Review: Affairytale by C.J. English

Affairytale by C.J. English is incredibly stunning  and addictive to read. Beware readers, once you open up to that first page, you won’t want to put the novel back down. An exciting tale of one woman’s journey of her current marriage that lacks the passion and love she seeks. But early on, she finds the man who is everything she wants and needs. A friend of her brother. Grant steps onto the scene and instantly our main female is drawn to him like a moth is to a flame. She can’t resist the connection she feels. But she has a ring on her finger and is stuck in a marriage that doesn’t give her what she needs. It isn’t soon that readers can feel sympathy for her husband and then once they see more of the man her husband is, readers will be cheering on the main character. Because she will be going after what she wants instead of living in a life that will only make her bitter and cold. But will the Grant be hers?
Affairytale by C.J. English, is a must read for all readers. This brilliant masterpiece gives readers an inside viewpoint on what happens inside an affair. An affair that will lure you deep into one women’s self-discovery of finding the right man to love. This plot in fascinating and gives readers glimpses into a real life story told in a fictional way. I loved reading this story. The title sounded interesting and when I began reading the story it wasn’t like what I was expecting. It went beyond my expectations and found it to utmost liking. Intriguing, suspenseful, and with real life drama that places it higher than any other novel within its genre. I highly recommend this book to every reader. If you enjoy romance, finding love, and strong characters than this is definitely for you! Overall, I rate Affairytale a five out of five stars.

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