Book Review: Deal with the Devil by Cynthia Eden

Cynthia Eden’s latest novel is hot, enticing, and a must read for all. Deal with the Devil is indeed exactly that. Eric Pate is the director of the PARA unit and is currently protecting one woman who doesn’t want or need protection. Ella Lanchester is not wanting to be a prisoner any longer but soon she and Eric both become one. The PARA unit is under attack and it’s not an enemy that is easy to beat. A paranormal beast is attacking and both Ella and Eric will have to be forced to join sides to fight together. Eric seems to be losing his control where Ella is concerned and when the Devil loses his control all will be hell.

Deal with the Devil by Cynthia Eden is hot, fast-paced, and the best paranormal novel readers can find. Cynthia Eden has done it again. Her writing has taken readers deep into new world full of intoxicating adventures and forced to make deal that never expected. But what is worse than losing your control and feelings to another? I highly recommend this new novel by Cynthia Eden and I look forward to reading her next latests novel. Her characters and settings are out of this world amazing.  The romance is hot enough to burn the pages. Overall, I rate it a five out five stars.

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