Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

Part 1


Danielle Urban

The world would be so much better without as my Aunt Marge would always be so quick to remind me. Nothing like taking an identity that didn’t belong to you and trading yours in so that you can live anew in another’s life. I didn’t realize that the identity I traded in for belonged to a dead girl.

Living each day out here in the city was hard but as living it as another was much harder. For I had to slip into to the personality and traits of my new identity. An 18 year-old girl same age and height as myself, the only thing that didn’t match up were the eyes. Mine were more blue than green like the warm sea of the other girl on my I.D. Her hair was only down to her shoulders and so I was required to cut mine to match. Then, I was placed into work in a small cafe. It was local, meaning it always had customers coming in and out. A great place to start working and living my new life. I am no longer Evagene Swartz. I am now, Lacey Harmon. The rules were simple when I bought and traded identities. Do not ask questions about the identity you are given, just accept and try to fulfill it as much as possible. There was that nagging thought of who really was my character and why did she gave hers up. If she had a life like mine I would understand yet, so far, I haven’t found anything about her living quarters or work life that was bad. Sure it was hot, messy, and demanding. But overall the customers were great and it paid for what I needed to live. Who would argue with that. And just when I thought I was free, trouble headed my way. All six feet 2 inches of hard trouble. His name was Mike Harmon. If I were just any other girl, I would be swooning all over him from the moment he first stepped into the cafe. But something told me he was trouble. I overheard another waitress ask him his name. Mike Harmon. That could be a relative of the girl I was pretending to be! This was not good. I went into the kitchen and started helping with the cooking. There was no way I was going to be a server today while that man  was out there. Who was he and why of all places did he how up here?

Was this Karma’s idea of a sick joke? My stomach intensified with knots and my hands started to shake. Cece came walking in, “Hey, apparently the good looking man outside is looking for a Lacey Harmon.”


“So, that’s you!”

I continued to ignore her. Hoping that she would get the meaning of my silence to leave me be, but not Cece.

“I told him that you work here and that your shift is about over.” She replied walking away and then briefly added, “You will thank me later!”

Oh no! No, no, no! This  was not happening. Not now! Cece and her mendling. I swear will never speak to her ever again after this. How could she without asking me?! This..was not what I signed up for. Everything will be lost and I will have to start from scratch only that I couldn’t I was warned the troubles that may occur by taking a new identity and that they can’t help me no matter what. I was officially stuck out on my own now.

The digital clocked flashed 3:00 P.M.

Great! Just great! My shift was officially over now. That meant facing who ever that man was in the cafe. There was no back door to escape this episode. I would have to hope beyond anything that the man would not recognize me upon sight. After all my hair my be the same color and I shared the girl’s same height but my eyes set me apart. So, maybe I could just walk on by him and all will be well.

Taking a  deep breath I wiped my sweating palms against my apron. Breathe, Lacey. The chances he recognizes is 50/50. After taking another deep breath, I walked out as calmly and as gracefully as possible as to not gain unwanted attention to myself than I already had with Cece’s helping aide. I saw the man taking to Cece. I closed my eyes briefly and almost made it out the door, when I heard Cece say,”Oh there she is now! Hurry or you will miss her.”

The man turned around and caught my eyes for several seconds which felt like ten years and then he got up and started to walk over and whatever trane held me finally let me go. And I ran.

Part 2 is coming soon!

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