Have You Ever Noticed?


Have you ever noticed that the best-selling authors want you to by their books, to promote them, to read their work, and the list goes on… and yet when you send them an email stating about your book release or book promotion they send back and an email that states: Please, take me off of this.

Is that fair? Is that how all best-sellers look at us reader, new writers, and bloggers? Are we just here for their beck and call? We should do everything they need/ want us to do to help them be ever successful and yet they don’t want a single thing to do to help us become successful.

But then they would say, yes, I help my future writers out in…. way.

But if you email them about your book that you just published, that ask not to be emailed ever again about it or any other future book you may write. Yet, they keep sending us their latest book update, their book promotions, and to BUY their book. But what do we get in return? Beside paying them for yet another best-selling piece. By buying their work we continue to say, yes, it’s perfectly fine to be at your beck and call and yet when it comes to your own work it’s okay that they turn their backs with a blind eye?

Is this right? Is this what we want?

Do all best–sellers view us new writers as something that isn’t to be taken seriously?

I have helped promote best-selling authors whose work I have always bought, read, reviewed, and enjoyed. Then there are some that I have met that I have to say can’t get off their pedestals for a bit to recognize and take new writers seriously for a brief moment.

Have you ever noticed this issue?

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