Book Review: Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko


Moonchild Dreams is a collection of Nadia Gerassimenko’s beautifully well written poems. A time when her creative poetic form wanted to free to share with the world. Her entire collection will leave readers breathless. The emotions running through me as I read on, is something that every reader has to experience on their own. To each reader her enchanting poems will captivate them from the beginning and to the very end. One poem in particular, A Flickering Light, caught my unwavering attention. It lead me on a path so dreamy and peaceful but also spoke to me about not being afraid to brave enough to face the world around even when things go astray. I know the poem will speak volumes to many readers. As we all face certain situations, where we have felt afraid to brave it through.

Another poem, Demon Heart, will lure readers deep with its meaning. The truthful way of telling how cruel love can be. Love isn’t easy nor always as beautiful as we dream it to be. In this poem, readers can relate to the man’s heart. How it aches to have the woman’s real love and yet, she does not love him. Not for real. And so he no longer believes in love anymore. This is so realistic of what each one of us face in life.  Another poem by Nadia, Those Words is one that delves deep into our souls and defines what we have to say but cannot find the words to say it.

These are just a few out of the many countless numbers of passionate, dreamy, and daring poetry within the book. I have found each poem to be truthful. As though they were speaking to just my soul. Moonchild Dreams is an inspirational collection that should be read daily and by every reader. The poetry awakens one’s inner being with words that come to life. Vivid images springing forth into one’s mind when reading these poems. Nadia’s talent is raw and energetic. Her passion comes through each of her stunning well written poetry. I would highly recommend this collection to all readers. Definitely worth one’s time to read. Overall, I would rate Moonchild Dreams a five out of five stars.

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