Book Review: Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde

Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde is another incredible romance that will sweep readers off their feet and into a happily ever after. A jilted bride struggled with anything that involves a wedding. And when she is told to crash a wedding by her doctor, Jodi never expected that it would forever change her life. Trying to enter into a wedding in which she had a ticket but forget due to a stranger distracting her, her decides to cover for her.  Telling the man that she’s with him. Upon entering the wedding, Jake feels a connection instantly to the pretty redhead. She looks similar to his dead wife. Could that be why he feels so strongly attracted to this woman or it is fate leading him to his new destiny? Jodi feels the same way. She’s struggling with not liking the hot sexy stranger name Jake. Everything about him lures her in deeply. But will he be her new doom or her new hope? One night of hot passion and two troubled souls destined for one another.

I highly recommend reading, Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde. This is the second novel I have read by her and it’s just as good as the one before it. I couldn’t put this cute, funny, and intoxicating novel down until I read the entire book in one sitting. The baseball star, Jake is funny and irresistibly charming. A man that every woman could easily fall for and Jodi is the strong independent woman who goes out of her way to help everyone else. But when it comes to herself she doesn’t know how to relax or to let go. That’s where the novel heats up, with Jake showing how to live again. Both characters go through a tough past and with each other are able to move forward, that is if Jodi can put aside her fear. Overall, I rate this story a five out of five stars.

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