Book Review: Frankly Twisted by Kevin 11



Frankly Twisted is the 2nd novel in this brilliantly well written series by Kevin 11. His writing is unique and intriguing from the first line to the last. His characters are intelligent and stunning. Three detectives going about solving a case. The novels are centered in Brooklyn. The settings are vivid and readers will find them humorous as well. Crime, fast-paced action, and scenes that will forever send readers deep into the plot’s center.  I have found each novel by Kevin as addictive as the one before it. Readers can also read his novels out of order and still be able to follow the characters and understand what’s happening inside each book. Frankly Twisted is one of the best new literature masterpieces readers will read this summer. I enjoyed reading Tales of the 23rd Precinct and now I have also enjoyed reading this second marvelous mystery piece, Frankly Twisted. A must read for all who enjoy complex crime fighting novels. I would highly recommend this to readers worldwide. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars and look forward to the next novel by Kevin 11.

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