Why Did I Become a Blogger?

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Why Did I Choose to Become a Blogger?

I  became a blogger two years ago because, I wanted to share my writing with the world.

Yes. That’s right I wanted readers everywhere to read my work.

At the time the only way I knew how to make that work was to blog.

Blogging became my new hobby.

Of course, I had to juggle around my schedule as a full time student.

Did It Work?

Yes, it did. Not only did I have my friends reading my work but also people from around the world.

It was great!

I didn’t expect to have people read, view, like, or comment on my blog when I first started.

But guess what?

They did!

How did it work?

It all started when my local library held a blogging 101 session.

The presenter was a children’s author.

She taught, demonstrated, and asked us questions that would show us how to become a blogger and why.

I too was an author.

I wrote over 500 poems on my Facebook page. But only my friends could read it.

I also dabbled in fiction.

So, she inspired me.

She should me what it took to start blogging, how to blog, and which type of blogging would suit my particular needs.

I was impressed.

So impressed, I got home and started my blog.

Out of all the blogging sites she gave me during that session, I choose WordPress.

And I started my first post.

I used the appropriate taglines.

The words that would tell others what my posts were about.

I started to type and posted many post afterwards.

At first I was writing as many posts as possible everyday.

That’s how I got started.


And here I am.

Two years later, a full time blogger with many loyal followers who are artists, publishers, poets, and authors like myself.

I enjoy their blogs and so, I follow them, like comment and share their posts.

By doing that, I encouraged them to come check out my blog.

And soon, I didn’t have to blog every second of every day.

Some days I never blogged at all and my views were better than when I did post.

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