What Are You Currently Reading?

What are you reading?

I am currently reading several novels and books at once. LOL.

You are probably wondering..how can you manage that?

Well, it’s simple.

The two books I am reading, are about writing fiction.

The novels I am reading are completely different genres.

This makes it possible to keep my reading straight.

I am reading, The Copy, by Grant Boshoff.

His novel is incredible! I was wowed on the first page.

And I highly recommend it to readers who love intrigue, criminal cases, and human cloning.

I am into chapter 4 as of right now.

Next, I am reading a novel called, Warrior’s Curse by Alexa Egan.

This is the first novel by her that I am reading.

I am currently into chapter 6 of this paranormal romance mystic novel.

Definitely recommend to readers who love strong sexy heroes.

The book I am reading right now, is called Write A Novel and Get It Published by Nigel Watts & Stephen May.

This is a must read for all writers.

No matter what level of experience you carry!

Back to fiction, I am reading a brilliant and most talented writer’s manuscript.

Lucy Mitchell aka Blondedusk has honored me with reading her work.

Her shorts whether fiction or nonfiction are out of this world & hard to stop reading.

Her words are vibrant and realistic.

They encourage readers to continue reading her work.

I think it’s because she puts passion into her writing no matter what the topic is.

Lucy can write anything she is given or brilliantly comes up with next.

She is currently working on her debut novel.

I can’t say anymore…

But, I can say this..you can find the first chapter of her debut novel within July’s Issue.

And then there’s my friend, Scott Pinsker, his poetry is something else.

His words take over your soul and deep into his lines.

Once you read one poem of his, you will never stop.

He has given me a special poem to share with you all in July’s Issue.

Last but not least there is my best friend and a special friend of mine whose work, I always knew would be published.

Daniel J. Darcey is going to be a published author soon.

Several of his novels are being prepared for publishing right now.

His science fiction fantasy novels, will never dull you.

I am one who turns away from this genre, but after reading his work, I was hooked.

And since then, I began looking into other books in his genre.

Definitely have to recommend his novels to all.

So, he has just finished writing his latest novel and I get to read it!!!!

Once they are out, I will be sure to post about them.

So, what are you currently reading?

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