Love Scenes!

Having trouble writing those love scenes in your romance novel? Practice, practice and practice!

Here’s a sample:

Just as I was expecting the pain, he moved moved his mouth right over my sweet spot.

His breath was hot and the anticipation of what was next, drove me insane.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“OMG! Yes, just fuck me already!” I shouted breathlessly back at him.

He was grinning. Damn him.

He knew this was my first and he was enjoying taking it slow..just to drive me crazy.

Slowly he inched his mouth nearer his eyes watching me all the while.

My breathing became heavy and my body ached.

Then dipping his head lower his lips touched my sweetness.

A moan of pleasure, escaped my lips.

My hips taking on their own rhythm as his tongued sweetly tortured my soul.

Minutes later he came back up and standing there in all his glory, he shucked his boxers off leaving me in awe.

His dick immediately popped up. Coming to life.

He walked over to the bed, kissing my ankles and making his way up my inner thighs.

Soft moans erupted from somewhere within me.

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