You Complete Me by Me

You Complete Me

He closed the door behind him, waiting for the warmth from the house to warm him. It was definitely fall. Leaves are turning the bright colors and falling down everywhere. The wind nipping at his face and hands making his shiver with cold. Standing there by his fireplace he placed more logs in to keep it going.

Instantly warmth started to spread up his body. Her voice calling him from the bedroom was enough to keep him warm for years to come.


“Bud, haven’t seen you in years. Nice to see you again. Are you staying or just stopping in to see your old man?” Jack asked.

Taking is hat off, and running his hand through his caramel colored hair, he looked Jack in the eyes before saying,”I am staying.”

“That’s awesome! Hey Missy, can I have two drinks please? One for me and my friend here.”

“Sure thing, Jack. Welcome back home Bud.” Stella said smiling as she placed their usual drinks in front of them.

“Thanks, Stella.”

“Here’s to friendship.” Jack toasted.

“Here’s to friendship,” Bud toasted back.


“Hey, Krystal. Did you hear?”

“Hear what Stella?”

“Hear that Bud is back in town. Looking hotter than ever.”


“Yes, Bud. You know the boy next door that you dated.”

Stella was starting to wonder about her friend Krystal. What happened between the two? Neither Krystal nor Bud seemed like bad people and they were completing in love. So what happened between them? Hm..

“You know you can go say hi to him. He’s staying with his dad to help out with the family business.”

“No, that’s fine. I don’t want to bother him on his first day back.”

“It’s not his first day back and if you don’t go see him then you know that scanty little bitch Molly will.”

Stella watched as Krystal digested that bit. Her face showed several emotions as first it was surprise, then anger, then something that looked like she wanted to but wasn’t sure.

“Here, I will finish this. You go in clean up and get your butt over to Bud’s family ranch this minute and tell him I said hi.”

“But, I have work to do.”

“No, buts. Get going. Besides, I can do your chores for today.”

“Thanks, Stella.”



“Be nice to him.”

Laughing Krystal went to change into nicer clothes. What will she say to him after all these years? Will he even want to see her?

Nerves were eating her alive and there wasn’t anything she could do about it.


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