Book Review: The Piano Man Project by Kat French

The Piano Man Project by Kat French is one romance novel that I can definitely recommend to every reader. Her writing is superb. She leads you into a funny, not so charming, yet beautifully written romance. A romance that doesn’t happen every least not like this one. Two individuals completely different but so drawn  to each other.  One wallowing up in his anger of his accident and the other going through life without ever having felt really loved by a man. The way Kat Frenches uses both characters to describe the other, it’s hard not to be completely lured in by their personalities. A man who is a talented chief, had everything from money to fast cars to a fiancee. Then he loses his sight and his fiancee leaves him. His whole life goes out of his control. Thus he buries his horrible butt in a room and lo and behold his next door neighbor comes into his life. She brings with her the life every normal realistic woman goes through. Her humor is amazing. She says things to her next door hottie and then realizes she places her foot into her mouth..but he forgives her. They develop something that seems like a beginning of a friendship and then maybe some thing more.

Readers will love the themes brought into this highly addictive novel. The Piano Man Project is something one woman’s group of friends decided to take on to find her a man. Yet, each time they do, it ends up in failure. However, this is always her next door neighbor, who turns her on just simply by being his usual self. Just being near him undoes her and maybe him too.  I loved reading this stunning novel. I could not stop reading it until I finished the whole book. Definitely, a novel one can finish in one sitting. I recommend reading Kat French’s novel and reading her other novels too. I look forward to reading more work by her in the future. Overall, The Piano Man Project is a five out of five stars.

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