Book Review: Shadow Play by Iris Johansen

Shadow Play by Iris Johansen is indeed one thriller readers can’t miss. The latest Eve Duncan novel written by a best-selling writer whose talent is out of this world. The novel will introduce a paranormal connection, the famous forensic artist, and a killer on the loose. The suspense on every page is enough to keep readers hooked in all night long. The main character, Eve, is one that readers can easily connect with because she has lost her daughter at the age of seven. I loved how Iris used a paranormal element that makes reading the story more interesting. It will be the second time since it has ever happened to Eve.

Iris Johansen brings back her famous character, Eve Duncan.  A forensic artist who is deeply sought after is on another intensifying case. A nine year-old’s ghost who connects with the forensic artist about her death leads readers unto a path chasing after killer. A killer who knows that Eve Duncan is after him and will do everything to kill everyone who finds out who he is. Can Eve solve the murder and help a little girl find peace before the killer gets to her? I highly recommend this stunning plot to readers everywhere. Anyone who loves a sense of great danger, suspense, and a strong female character is in for a treat. Overall, I rate Shadow Play a five out of five stars.

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