Book Review: The English Spy by Daniel Silva

The English Spy by Daniel Silva is the most stunning international intrigue novel that I have read. Sadly, this was my first time reading a brilliant spy thriller by Daniel Silva. His writing is masterfully woven in a way that will keep his readers deeply buried into his fast-paced and complex world of fiction. Readers won’t be able to read this entire novel in one setting and that’s a good thing. The tale itself leads readers to thinking one thing and then you find out that there’s something else entirely going on with his characters. I was addicted from the first page onward. Spies, places from around the world, and the experience of traveling without ever having to leave your home. I definitely look forward to reading more by Daniel Silva.

The English Spy will lure readers deep into a suspense and yet highly dangerous world of international spies. I couldn’t believe the depth in which this novel took and successfully accomplished with each passing chapter. Christopher Keller an English spy is dragged into chasing after Eamon Quinn whose work is well known by Christopher and his partner. A heart pounding and intensifying read that will forever leave readers wanting more by Daniel Silva. Can Christopher Keller stop Quinn in the end or will Quinn win? I highly recommend this novel. A well written novel by a genius who is always planning on his next best tale. Overall, I rate this story a five out of five stars.

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