Book Review: Jagged Dreams by Lashell Collins

Jagged Dreams (Jagged Ivory Series Book 2)

Jagged Dreams is a highly recommended read. Romance at it’s best. Lashell Collins as done it again by creating a second best contemporary romance that readers will love. Her characters from book one are back and this time it’s another band mate and his woman. A man who wants to be a father and a woman who wants to explore her career options before giving her man the dream he wants. But can they make it work or risk losing what they started. A marriage that just begun..between two young talented individuals whose work constantly calls them apart.

Lashell Collins leads her readers thinking if love can still continue beyond the bedroom and fame. Both band mate Cory Dutton and his love of life, Donna Devlin, are struggling with balancing their careers and love life. It’s not that they don’t love each other to the core, but their goals in life differ. Neither want to give up their current jobs nor settle on a way to make stay happy. Cory wants to have a child and he thought his woman did too, until she tells him that she wants to wait until she sees what her movie career is going to be like.  Cory feels like he has been punched in the gut. Meanwhile, Donna doesn’t want to lose Cory but she’s not ready yet to have a baby. Jagged Dreams is truly a story depicting just how jagged dreams can get if not handled the right way.

I highly recommend reading this brilliantly well written romance and book 2 of the hot sexy Jagged Ivory series. I loved reading this novel. Following the characters from book one and seeing how another band mate and his woman got along was great. Nothing is as easy as it seems. Sometimes, we all need to give up a little more of ourselves and sacrifice things in order to keep what is more important to us. Another beautiful tale to this incredible and highly addictive new series. I am excited to begin reading the next novel and recommend this book to readers worldwide. A perfect romance for all. Overall,  rate Jagged Dreams a five out of five stars.

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