Okay, this month has been our busiest month so far! Yay!

August 2015 Issue will be released on Monday August 17th. So, mark your calendars!

Inside of this issue, readers will get a second sneak peek at Lucy Mitchell’s latest novel.

There will be two author interviews. One is from Grant Boshoff, the author of The Copy. I have to say it’s definitely a must read. I gave it 5 stars and it will blow you away from the first page onward.

Then we have the other famous author, Martha Sweeney. She’s just as talented. OMG! Romance fans beware her debut novel, Breathe In, is HOT.

She has a second novel that I think is out or going to be released soon. So, go check out her author page on Amazon & Goodreads as well as Grant Boshoff’s author websites! Two new authors that should be added to one’s must watch out list.

Recently, my best friend became a published author. I am so proud of him. I have been his biggest fan from the beginning. Daniel J. Darcey’s science fiction fantasy series are coming out soon!

We have been busy editing three new manuscripts and should have all three done this Sunday! One of the manuscripts is by a new emerging author, Olamide Ojo. His debut novel is called Family Business. Below is the cover we designed for his novel. It should be released this coming September.

Unfinished Business

We have also helped another romance author, Candace Nicole Werts, find a publisher who recently signed her on and is going to have all three of her novels published by them soon. Below, you can see the current book covers for each one of her amazing novels. I loved reading them and I know others will too.


Our company has been busy with reading many new novels by both new and best-selling authors. Reviews will be posted soon. We have a huge variety of book reviews to post and share with you all. Please, be patient with us as we work on getting them all ready and set-up for your viewing.

Also, don’t forget that we offer $5 proofreading service to all authors no matter what the size of your manuscript is.

Express reviews are now $2 and regular reviews are still FREE!

Editing manuscripts, we now charge $0.014 per word. We are willing to work with the author to make the payments for editing fast, easy and reliable. All editing takes 3 weeks.

Book Advertising on all social media sites as well as our websites and our creative writing magazine costs only a one time fee of $2 per book that is needing to be advertised.

Author Tours are held for FREE.

Need help in creating an author video? No problem we can help and the fee will be $10.

Want to have your author interview done? Email us via: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com  or urbanliteraryagency@gmail.com

Author Interviews are done for FREE!

Book Formatting is only $5. 

Book Covers will be made for only $5. 

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