Book Review: Jagged Addiction by Lashell Collins

Jagged Addiction (Jagged Ivory Series Book 3)

Jagged Addiction is the third amazing novel in the Jagged Ivory Series by Lashell Collins. Her talent is easily recognizable when you start reading page one of nay of her novels. Each novel contains a special story featured on a selective rock star band mate and the woman that comes crashing into his life. All it takes is for one special woman to tilt the band mate’s world upside down. There is nothing simple about the raw romantic attraction and that deep gut feeling called love. This time, loves comes gently tapping on the shoulder of the jagged Ivory band mates. Can he find his way about or will everything go crazy?

OMG. I cannot stress just how stunning this story is. Lashell Collins has done it again for the third time. Her romance writing is a huge hit. Almost as famous as her characters rock band. Jagged Addiction is just like it sounds. One of the Jagged Ivory band mates is going through a bad time. While on tour he goes into a bathroom and his other mate has to go find help. Soon band mate, Benji Staffon is dying from an over dose until one of his band mates, Noah Ivory, uses CPR to help Benji. Next, the ambulance comes and takes Benji away to a hospital and in the mean time, Noah and the rest were told if that if the CPR wasn’t performed right when Noah did it, that Benji would have died and been lost forever.

Noah and the rest of the team are shocked at the realization and come to a pact to help Benji recover. Benji goes through rehab while his band mates continue to tour. But they are there if Benji needs them. Benji goes through with the fear of almost dying. The has the fear of cleaning up come faster than Benji thinks. Soon he’s released back out of rehab and is worried about all the what-ifs. Will he manage to stay clean? Can he still play? All this goes on while Benji meets his new tech. A tech that happens to be a super hot girl who loves graphic novels and is scared of scary movies. Her life hood when she grew up is similar to that of Benji’s and somehow he feels connected to her. But, what he doesn’t realize is that a recovering addict can still stay clean and fall in love at the same time.

Overall, I highly recommend reading this brilliant series by Lashell Collins. Her novels are a must read for everyone. An adult romance that will be addictive and captivating as readers continue to follow the Jagged Ivory band and their obstacles along the way. I fell in love with this writer work and know for a fact everyone else will too. I rate Jagged Addiction a five out of five stars and look forward to reading the next hot read in this exciting series.

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