Book Review: Devious by Lisa Jackson

Devious by Lisa Jackson is an incredible yet terrifying read. A thriller like no other. Lisa Jackson has beautifully portrayed a mystery that will forever leave a chill down her readers’ spines.  The characters are so believable that readers will easily get lost into the deep, dark, and haunting terror. Each page vividly paints images of the different scenes into readers’ minds. A bone chilling killer without any forgiveness, a sister’s past, and bodies found left and right is enough to keep readers lured and spooked.

Devious by Lisa Jackson is a must read for all who enjoy following characters into dangerous paths and murders that will haunt one’s dreams. Valarie Houston’s younger sister is found brutally murdered by someone who is unforgiving. Her body was found on top of an altar at St. Marguerite’s cathedral, wearing only a yellow dress. Valarie finds things out about her sister’s life that leaves her wondering if she really ever knew her sister at all.  Detective Reubon and his partner found Camille’s body. Reubon wasn’t expecting to know the victim at all.  The killer keeps on killing and won’t stop not even after Valarie has become his next victim. Will the killer be caught before Valarie suffers the same fate as her sister?

I highly recommend reading this exciting new thriller by Lisa Jackson. Devious caught my attention not just because of the writer but because of it’s wonderful cover. It made me wonder what was in store inside for me to read. I loved how fast the plot moved, how every detail was realistic and how I could place myself deep into the novel. This story was masterfully crafted by Lisa Jackson. After reading this stunning novel of hers, I look forward to the edge of your seat thriller by her. Overall, I rate Devious a five out of five stars.

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