10 Rules to Writing a Novel


  1. Write what comes to you. In other words don’t try and force something out of your writing just to please others.
  2. Write with passion! If you don’t like your own work, then stop and write something else.
  3. Use beta readers! These are the readers who will help you out most!
  4. Start with the basics. Use two characters, a goal, a setting, and a conflict.
  5. Be you! Don’t be what others what you to be. Writers’ work is much better when they put themselves into it and not what the haters want in it. Remember, even the best-selling authors have haters.
  6. Use dialogue! This speeds up your plot and makes it more interesting.
  7. Switch point of views! This helps make your novel interesting.
  8. Use that imagination of yours! I know you all are creative. Don’t be shy!
  9. Swap your novels with a another writer. Read each others work. Critique each other’s work. Sometimes we can’t see what we do wrong and need another fresh pair of eyes to help pin point it out to us. Plus, writers are serious about their work. If you take theirs seriously, they will also take yours seriously when helping each other out.
  10. Use, use, use social media sites like: Write it On, WattPad, and Goodreads. These are were writers comment on other writers work and where readers look for new reads. Must have tools for every writer!

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