Book Review: Man the F***k Up by S. Kincaid

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Man the F**k Up by S. Kincaid is a great contemporary novel to read. The entire novel is set up like that of a comic book but still reads like a novel. I loved the creativity of this writer in the presentation of the design and layout of the novel. I thought it was completely unique and interesting to read. I recommend this short novel to readers everywhere.

Man the F**k Up is a short contemporary novel that shows the true ugly side of relationships in our world. The real world. Readers can easily relate to this novel’s main character as she goes about wanting her man to “Man the F**k Up”. Does the man end up manning up, does she call it quits on their relationship, or does she realize that her expectations are too unrealistic? Readers will have to read on to find out. A great new read for everywhere. I enjoyed reading this story; however, at the ending I was expecting just a bit more from the writer. Overall, S. Kincaid’s novel is indeed a must read read due to its creativity and realistic story.  I rate it a four out of five stars.

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